“The enthusiasm for life  that is hungry for food “

After Years of matured experience and after his qualification of Professional Chef, at the renowned Accademia Italiana Chef, offers who ever wants to approach to kitchen’s world, courses to learn how to cook


His culture in the cooking area, developed in his home culture and also abroad, makes his method absolutely original and diversified. on the other hand, has also the luck and priviledge to have been born surrounded by the perfumes, flovours and colors of a rich land like italy. Alessio Milani will guide you through the discovery of the value of the products offered from our land, up to there eleboration in the kitchen. The kitchen that the whole world is jealous of.


He will give you the necessary knowledge about the caracteristics of the food aiming to bring the best out of each product, learnig how to reapect and apreciate the quality, from the moment of the choice to preparation, to the cooking point, the conservation up to the presentation on the table.

“The simplest thing give me   the most brilliant ideas”

How to make Pizza
/ -The Italian way

It’s an Italian passion.Pizza was created in Naples to honour Queen Margaret in 1889, since then it became world famous in short time.

Many secrets to make this dish in a very simple way, extremely rich and tasty in flavour.

Home made pasta-/ Italy’s grandmother

Home made pasta made with fresh eggs, flour, a pinch of salt and a drop of Olive oil,
it is for ever incomparable tastewise and an evergreen in Italian’s homes.
Althoguh it is nowdays rare to meet people who really knows how to transform this poor dish into something extraordinary.

Fish-lighter / and richer

Seneca used to say that fish has to swim three times:once in the water, twice in oil and the third time in wine.
Fish, especially sea one, is still one of the lightest and most nutritious food. It is up to us to honour it.